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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Swinging Tales and what do we offer.

If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please drop us an email at [email protected]

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Q : Does E-invite(Stills) comes with Video Invites?
A : No, E-Invite & Video Invitations are 2 different products and have their own charges.

Q : What are the charges of the Invitation?
A : Charges varies basis on the design and work involved, you can select the template and send us the query for the estimate.

Q : How many times changes are allowed after the approval draft?
A : Clients are requested to do the proofread carefully, hence the changes are accepted twice after the approval draft.

Q : Do you make PDF invites?
A : Yes we do make PDF invites, and you can add multiple pages in your invite with additional per page charge.

Q : Can the changes be done after the Final Delivery?
A : After Final Delivery any change is chargeable which is subjected to type of change.

Q : Does the invitation comes for both sides (Bride + Groom)?
A : No, invite for both sides is treated as 2 different orders if you select 2 different designs.
However if the same design is selected for both sides then the 2nd invite will be charged at 50% discounted price.

Q : Can there be 2 video invites with different event details?
A: Yes you can have 2 video invites or more with different event details and music choice with 2nd video invite charged at 50% discounted price considering it is of same design.

Q : Can you add additional slides to the video invite?
A : Yes, we can use the existing designed slide to add in the invite. However addition of any new designed slide is subjected to extra cost.

Q : What is the duration of the video invite?
A : Duration of video invite is 1 – 1:30 minutes. Basis on the content of the client, time duration varies and if it exceeds 1:30 min it is subjected to a minimal cost.

Q : Can you remove the Swinging Tales Branding from the Final Invites?
A : All the final invites come with our branding at the end – Hope you don’t mind to make us part of your new beginnings!

Q: How to Download the Invites on your Phone?
A:  https://swingingtales.com/2020/06/how-to-download-video-invite/

Q : Do you make characters similar to your appearance?
A : No we don’t make caricatures, doodles or characters similar to your actual appearance.

Q : Can you replace the doodles/characters in the existing template?
A : Yes they are replaceable, you can select any doodle for your invite from our posted samples.

Q : How many pages are there in E-invites?
A : E-invites can be a one pager or you can have multiple pages depending on your requirement having per page cost.

Q : Can we have our photo in the video invite?
A : Yes you can have your pictures in the video invite, however doodle/characters slider will be removed. Only one slide is given in the standard pricing. Both slides will have an additional cost.

Q : Do you offer any discounts?
A : Our prices are very reasonable and competitive, hence it stays fixed and no bargaining. Discounts are subjected.

Q : Can you mix two template designs and make it one?
A : Every template is designed with a theme in itself, hence templates cannot be mixed.

Q : What language you use to make invitations?
A : We make invites in English Language only.

Q : Do you design customised invites , story based invites or any theme based invites?
A : We only take orders for the samples posted on our gallery and take minor customizations in them, you can surely visit our gallery to select something similar.

Q : Do you deliver the invites on WhatsApp?
A : We would prefer to deliver the invite thru Email to keep the HD quality intact.

Q : How we will send the digital invitations to invite your quests?
A : As everyone is online now, you can send the invites through WhatsApp, Email or any another Online Messenger.

Q : Do you share Project Files for the Invites?
A : We only share the Final usable invites(Jpeg, PDF, Mp4, GIF), no project files are shared.

Q : Do you Print the Invites?
A : Our products are for digital use only and we don’t do the printing.

Q : If the doodle/character is removed from the Video Invite, will that change the cost?
A : No, the cost remains same.

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